Create your own start up disks for Windows



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EasyBoot is an excellent application to develop bootable CDs and DVDs for Windows with their own graphic interface.

Do you need to create a bootable CD with a certain configuration for Windows? You can do it with EasyBoot.

The program lets you decide what the menu should look like, as well as the options you can use from the menu.

Insert a background image, draw boxes over the image, and then insert the different options from which you would like to choose. You can also indicate which shortcuts should correspond to different functions.

Lastly, indicate the action to be performed when a given option is selected: install a certain operating system, partition the hard disk, run a program, etc.

The number of menu choices is limited to four.
Options like 'optimize' and 'set date and time' are disabled.
There is a water mark displayed on the lower part of the menu.

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